Rita Fowler

Rita Fowler


Rita Audine Fowler, passed away at Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith, Arkansas on January 7, 2023 from complications with the flu. She was 69 years old.

Rita is survived and missed by her loving husband of 51 years, Joseph Fowler; her two children Jay Fowler (Melanie) and Daren Fowler (Erica); and her grandchildren Eaden Fowler, Bryce Dixon, Brooke Dixon, Jaxon Fowler, Gage Fowler, Nolan Fowler, Madelyn Fowler, Jackie Drake and Dillon Paul.

She was preceded in her death by her parents Audrey and Bill Burke.

Although Rita worked many years as a legal secretary, her legacy will live on through the unconditional love and loyalty she shared not only with her family, but anyone that entered her home or her life.  Rita was a proud mother of two United States Marines and shared her love with all who needed a roof over their head or a warm meal. She was a dedicated mother and grandmother who always found time to make special moments with her grandchildren, but always kept them in line with her preferred correctional tool, a wooden spoon!  Rita was especially close to her cousins but also a friend to many. She would always be there for a good laugh, a good cry, and especially good advice over a glass of wine.

Her presence will remain in this world with the memories of the many lives she touched and cared for along the way. There are many in this world that will mourn her loss but at Rita’s request please celebrate the life and the amazing impact and love she shared with you and the world.

A service will take place at Saint Francis Xavier Church on January 28th 2023 at noon in Sallisaw, OK.


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  1. A Prayer for You
    I said a PRAYER for you today.
    I prayed that God would lift you up in His hand, comfort you with His love, wipe every tear from your eyes, and strengthen you to face the day.
    I prayed that God would remind you that you’re never alone, and you’re LOVED more than you can imagine ~ by Him, by me.

  2. What a really nice memorial Rita had.
    The Baptism of her new granddaughter on the same day made it even more special.
    Love ,
    Donald and Penny

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