A traditional service includes visitation, where family and friends come to pay their respects and share memories with the deceased’s family, and funeral services at our elegant chapel or the church of your choosing.


A graveside service is similar to a traditional church or chapel funeral, except the service is held graveside allowing the family and close friends of the deceased to mourn the loss of their loved one.


We at Forever Memories Funeral Services offer cremation as an affordable alternative to traditional burial services. This service can fulfill the last wishes of your loved one with respect and dignity while easing the financial burden on the remaining.


Transportation services include transporting the body from the location of death to the “in-state” or “out-of-state” funeral home, crematory, burial site, or any other interment site of the family’s choosing.

Additional Services

Additional services include but are not limited to – memorial video services, memorial service packages, funeral arrangement pre-planning, funeral insurance, grief counseling referral, and more.

Casket Selection

At Forever Memories Funeral Services, we desire to help you through this challenging time by walking with you through the steps of honoring your loved one. Part of the burial process is picking the right casket for your loved one. To accommodate this need we offer a wide selection of Batesville burial caskets.

Grief Counseling

Grief counseling can help you move through the stages of grief easier and more effectively. An excellent professional grief counselor will help you identify where you are in the grief process and help you understand what needs to occur to develop a new way of coping with loss and learning to live without the significant person you have lost. Grief counseling will also help you deal with the feelings and emotions of your loss, both through learning and expressing these feelings with others. If you feel this service is needed, we can refer you to a certified grief counselor in your area.

Pre-Plan Online

Forever Memories Funeral Services’ Online Pre-Planning Tool simplifies the process of arranging a dignified farewell. Easily choose services, customize details, and manage budgets from the comfort of your home, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.