Bardie Lee Stealer

Bardie Lee Stealer


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  1. I send my sympathy, and will always remember all the good and bad times we had as kid’s.

  2. I have so many find memories of you , when we were growing up together. You will definitely be MISSED, RIP BUS!!!

  3. RIP my friend we had good times together never a cross word between us you were a good friend

  4. I hate to hear this. My condolences/prayers to the family. Always grateful to cross paths with good people. Will miss him.

  5. Went to my grannies house this evening it’s not the same,man I’m gonna miss you Bus.

  6. Im going miss u cuz and all the good time we had..With lots of love and memories…????????

  7. Thru the years we covered alot of ground with our walkingsticks.Camped,swam,hunted,pillfered,laughted,argued,and cleaned up along the creek beds cause you said our ansestors would b proud of us for doing so.Helped me thru many heartbreaks with words of self worth,dignity kindness and patience until my tears stopped.Drank with me just so I could experience the saying "I could only very to the left hooping n hallor in right up til when Calvin came out his back door n took away my liquor n scolded me…slowly and steady took the whole spring and helped me get over my fear of snakes.But the best part of our friendship was you always complimenting me for wearing dresses.If it wasn’t for you wanting better for me thru the years n riding out my storms with me I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.I love you Bus and I was so blessed and honored to have experienced the loyalty and trust of the Indian Outlaw..

  8. Buzz I can’t believe ur really gone it’s tearing me apart … Who’s going to fill ur shoes man remember we the three amigos me u and Billy this sux I’m really going to miss my homie and us hanging out … Wait for me up there say hi to my dad for me I will never forget the gud times we had lol we going to miss u terribly … It just ain’t going to be the same without u … Luv u my luv until we meet again …. Bye for now muh xoxo

  9. Going to miss seeing him around. He was so much fun back in the day. Will Miss him and Ruby has someone to give a hard time to. See you both again someday.

  10. We are sorry for the lost of my dear friend Bus, he will be miss. Sonny is not able to come, don’t made the ride right now.

  11. We are sorry for the lost of my dear friend Bus, he will be miss. Sonny is not able to come, don’t made the ride right now.

  12. Had a lot of good times with Buzz and the crew. So many of you have passed and you will be missed so much. You were such an awesome guy and I’m very proud to have known you.

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