Arthur David Wells

Arthur David Wells


Arthur David Wells, 68, of Vian, Oklahoma, passed away in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, on March 18, 2023.

Arthur was born to Harmon and Hilda Wells in San Angelo, Texas, on February 07, 1955.

Arthur is preceded in death by his parents, James Harp, and Anita Wells.

Arthur is survived by his children, Carish McGarity, Heather Wells, Mathew Wells, Sarah Wells, and Harmon Wells; his sisters, Linda Pruett Luttrell, Sheila Tucker, and Gwen Cruise; his grandchildren LeAina Rowe, Heaven Knight, Justice Sylva, Nick Sylva, Eli Bishop, Haze Wells, Saige McGarity, Amensty Farris, Alex McColly, and his great-grandchildren, Chevy Dodgin, Arian Shaddon, Elicia Giles, Willow Farris, Conor Farris, and Hunter Farris.

Visitation with the family will be from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm on Friday, March 24, 2023, in the Sequoyah Memorial Chapel, at Forever Memories Funeral Services in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.

Arrangements are under the direction of Forever Memories Funeral Services of Sallisaw, Oklahoma.


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  1. Arthur David is survived by his wife, Maria Elena Wells, step daughter, Jersey of the Phillipines, and other step children he loved – PM (Paul) and Shelley; Mary Elizabeth You, David, are loved and mis; Ashley Powell and brothers Cody and Jordan Meisselbaum. He was a gifted musician. He loved making music with friends and family, and oftentimes with strangers. In his travels and truck driving days, I guess you could call him a troubador as when it came to music, there were no strangers. He had a natural mechanical ability where he could figure out how something worked, fix it, put it together again, or create his own. The restoration he did on his 56 Chevys was a joy to him. David first met Jesus Christ in the early 70’s, alone, shut up with the Bible where just in reading the red letters, Christ revealed Himself to David. David searched for truth and righteousness all his life. But the truth of Jesus Christ was never surpassed and his faith and trust in Jesus Christ carried him to the end. You, David, are loved and missed by more than you could know. Aunt Shirley

  2. I am sure going to miss you my talented , free spirited brother . You taught me many things . The ones that stands out most is that I should always place God first and to stand firm on his foundation . You said I should be praising his name on the rooftops ! I don’t think I can get up on any rooftops but David I will do my best to serve him well and proclaim his name to all ! Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior ! The one true God ! Until we meet again . I love you brother.

  3. Our relationship start may 5,2017 .We become best of friend,sharing our dreams,talking a lot of things,even our ups and down.I admire you so much being a good musician.I want you always playing guitar and sing to me whenever we chat.Then you decide to see me personally and go here in the philippines.I was very excited meeting you in the airport.After that we go to Baloy Beach in olongapo City, we had lots of fun there.Being with you makes me safe and protected.You go here 3 times then after that Nov.14,2019 ,you go back again ,we celebrate 1st christmas being together,sharing laughter,fun together.You stay here 1 year and 6 months because of pandemic.Even its hard we survived .Then we settle our marriage .June 5,2020 thats the day we got married ,we were very happy coz eventhough its pandemic , we done our marriage.We had a lot of dreams,we talk about our future ,about the education of jersey,and a lot more.Then you go back again in oklahoma,thats the sad thing i feel coz being apart from you makes me crazy everyday.You promise to go back here so we can start again our life beings together,and continue our dream.But god has a plan , he take you away from me.How hard and very painful that before you die we did not even talk and say goodbye to each other.I will be missing you my husband.I dont know how to go on my life without you.Im not ready, im not prepared.But i know you are in the hands of god. Rest now my love, i will always cherish the memories we shared together,until we meet again and continue our love.Thank you so much for treating me like a queen,and for loving me.I love you very very much.

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