Lawrence "Larry" Brown

Lawrence "Larry" Brown


Lawrence A. Brown (Larry) was born October 7, 1944, in Toledo, Ohio, to Lovell and Dorothy Brown. The year of 1963 was a monumental year for Larry for two reasons. He graduated from Lake High School in Hartville, Ohio, and met the love of his life Sharon R. Horton. She caught his eye and he kept his eyes on her for 59 years. They married on November 30, 1963, and were together until the day he left this earth on August 11, 2021. Larry accepted Christ as his Savior in December 1970 in Harrison, Arkansas. Therefore, his eternal home was prepared and waiting for his glorious entry. Together, Larry and Sharon had 3 children, Tammy Brown Murray (John), David Brown (Carla), and Kim Brown Chandler (Rodney). Their children gave Larry and Sharon 9 grandchildren who added spouses for a total of 15 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren with 2 more on the way. He was preceded in death by his father Lovell Brown and one sister Donna. Larry’s mother Dorothy and 3 siblings-Lisa Brown, Joe Brown (Shirley) and Earl Brown (Nancy) reside in Ohio. Larry, a sole-proprietor in the trucking industry, considered his semi-truck his sanctuary. He was very proud of his work ethic, which he instilled in all of his children. He had the privilege of visiting all 48 states in the continental United States and parts of Canada. He loved to travel and spent several years traveling in the truck with his wife. Two days before his death he was asked who he wanted to find in heaven first. Emphatically, he answered “Jesus, to thank Him for loving us”. A simple answer with a huge testimony as to who Larry was. He was grateful for his family’s faith. At the time of Larry’s passing, there was only peace-no fear, no pain, and no struggle. All of which his family had prayed for. Larry was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago that caused many health issues associated with the disease. Those issues and scars are now gone. Larry requested that we do not hold a funeral and In lieu of flowers, he asked that donations be made to one of two organizations in his name. The Hospitality House of Tulsa which will use your gifts to significantly bless families with a home away from home during their medical crisis. Donations can be made online at or by mail at P.O. Box 14472, Tulsa, OK 74159. Or, the American Kidney Fund at Both organizations had major impacts on Larry’s life.

Arrangements are under the direction of Forever Memories Funeral Services, 463505 Hwy 101 Sallisaw.


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  1. The last time I saw Larry he was in a wheelchair. Just a shell of the man we once knew. However he grabbed my hand and held on to it as we reminisced about old times when our kids were young. Our families spent a lot of happy times together. He spoke of Harol and the good times we’d had. He brought back good memories for me. My heart goes out to Sharon and the kids. I know the loss they are feeling and I know their hearts are broken. I’m thinking of the reunion he is having with friends and loved ones and his Savior. He is not suffering anymore.
    Sending love and prayers to you all.

  2. Great memories Carol! Your comment about him being a shell of the man we knew weighed on me every day. It was very hard to watch. I imagine he and Harol are talking it up in heaven. He told us he had reserved a 4 bedroom 2 bath, fully-carpeted. We laughed about that. What a great reunion we will all have some day! Love you!

  3. Larry was always glad to see you and could visit no matter where you were. Our hearts go out to Sharon and the family!
    Eddie’s Mom & Dad always enjoyed talking to Larry & thought the world of Larry & Sharon & the kids. What a beautiful testimony that he left us with.

  4. So sorry about this. He was always supportive when I was directing at Little Theater. Sharon was always wonderful. I had Tammy and Kim in class and they were always kind and helpful. The last time I talked to Larry was at church
    He was in a wheelchair, had a smile in his face and was very positive. I have good memori6of both he and Sharon..GOOD PEOPLE!

  5. From the time we heard of his heathy struggles through our friend Tammy S Murray, we have never taken a day here at the orphanage without prayer for him and entire family. We know the angels have received him well. We love you Tammy

  6. Larry and I met when we was both leased on with the same trucking company for some reason Larry kind of took me under his wing I guess we would talk day and night I learned a lot about Larry and his family but mostly I learned what a great man he was he was always willing to talk wether it was to help me stay awake or just to laugh and cut up Larry you was a great man and you will definitely be missed no good bye though just I hope I get the privilege of seeing you again my friend

  7. Larry and I didn’t get to grow up together. He and Sharon married when I was a year old, and their kids and I later were closer in age than we were. But as a little girl I would tell the others all about my brothers who were all grown up and had families of their own! Like I could take credit right? We finally made ourselves a real grownup relationship the past few years when, as he said, I began catching up in old age! I’ll miss my brother. I love his family and my heart is with you all. His Mama loves him too and this will break her heart.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about Larry but we all know he is at Jesus feet and reunited with his loved ones.
    Oh the rejoicing that is going on now!
    He is with mom and dad and I can just hear him and dad talking as they used to around our kitchen table.
    I loved him so and even though I didn’t get to see him much as sick as he was he was there at mom and dad’s funeral.
    I am praying that god will comfort you in this hour. Sharon, Tammy, Kim and David may God be with you all.
    He’s with our Heavenly Father and in no more pain and suffering.
    I love you all. Peace be with you.Ton

  9. I’ve known Larry for l guess around fifty some years , I used to run across him every now and then when he had a local delivery route in Ohio for buckeye biscuit company , and I was delivering meat. later in years he and his wife moved to Oklahoma and he drove for the Rheem company . I moved to Texas and also drove over the road and owned trucks and would occasionally run across Larry out on the road. He had great wife ,and a super great mother and father in law. I knew them all quite well ,as his wife is my cousin and and his inlaws are my aunt and uncle. I would call him off and on especially when he had to come off the road due to his health. He will be greatly missed. He was a super great man and with a great family. So glad he found the LORD.

  10. I have known Larry Brown many many years as he is married to my cousin. Larry was a beautiful person and certainly has a friend in Jesus, as does his family. After such a long and arduous illness he is finally at peace with no more pain. We all will hold him in our hearts until we meet again. God bless you Larry..

  11. I meet Larry when i worked in Sallisaw. He was a great man. He loved is family n really enjoyed traveling in his truck. He had a great wife by is side which he loved dearly. Prayers to his wife n family.

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