Larry Cleland

Larry Cleland


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  1. He will be sadly missed. When he was in class in High School, he was funny, easy to get along with, and just generally Happy all the time. Rest in peace, my friend!!!!

  2. Larry was such a sweet guy, went to school with him. My heart and prayers are with all of you

  3. My heart is heavy for the loss of a good man. But at least I know, peace is with him and he is with the family who has made the trip home were will all meet again! God bless the Cleland family. MY heart goes out to all of you.

  4. Fly High Larry Keep and eye on Gizmo you have earned your wings RIP LARRY I KNOW MY BABY BROTHER WILL MISS YOU DEARLY

  5. May the Lord Jesus Christ embrace you in his loving arms and wipe away all your tears. So sorry for your loss

  6. I did not know Larry, but my family did I would like to say how sorry I am for your loss my prayers are with you……

  7. I’ve known larry for most of my childhood years. I will always remember spending countless nights at his house, enjoying the outdoors and watching scary movies. One of the best times i had with larry and his family is going to big splash water park, which was the first water park i’ve ever been to. I also remember spending fourth of july with him a few times, and he would always amaze me by popping fireworks hysterically, living up the night. From riding dirtbikes, to swimming, to just living free, larry was always a part my life that i will never forget and most importantly, he was family. I will miss him and i wish i got to talk to him before he left. Hopefully this will be a bonding experience for family and friends and a learning experience. We should all enjoy each other’s company while we still are able to. We only live this same life once so let the past be the past and forgive. Love each other and keep in contact even if it becomes a routine checkup. It’s good for the health of everyone and will only benefit. God bless the Cleland family and Rest In Peace Larry.

  8. My heart is broken,you never realize sometimes how much somebody really meant to you. Larry was a kindred sole. He was a. good friend that I was blessed knowing. I trully will miss you Larry, fly with the Angels.

  9. Saddened by the loss of a good guy. Although I hadn’t seen Larry in about 25 years, it seems like yesterday when were hanging out with one another. He always had a smile and never had a bad word to say about anyone. I’m blessed to have known him and will miss him dearly.

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