David G. Cowett


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  1. R.I.P Uncle David..you are loved and missed soo much..watch over all of us especially nana..she misses her baby more then anything..me and nevaeh will always love and miss you..ill remind her of you for forever!!!! GONE WAY TO SOON 🙁

  2. Just the other day you told me you needed me, turns out I’m the one who needs. I loue ynu brother. You’ll always be in my heart. R.IP. ‘DAVID ALLEN’

  3. David Garvin I miss you so very much! Our boys give me a glimpse of you everyday cause you shine thru them! I love you My Cowboy!

  4. I miss you so much it seems like a bad dream and now mom is gone to be with you she couldn’t stand living life without you she just gave up I know she’s with you now and I know she’ll be happy we all miss the both of you our family will never be the same without the two of you may you and momma RIP

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